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Not I but Christ in me.
I John 2:16 "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers."

I was writing a suitable caption, but the caption turned out to be another poem, and I’m saving it for another photo.

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Blaine proposing to Disney Princesses plus Gaston

GAAAAAAHHHH I love this man

Anonymous :  Huhu. Ex talaga sila, not bestfriends or whatsoever. I saw their conversation sa fb nya. Feel ko tuloy there's something na hindi ko alam tungkol sa kanila.

Pray. And if I were you, I’d do these things.

1. Be honest and tell him nabasa mo sa FB niya yun. I dunno, because most guys get irritated with girlfriends spying around.

2. Ask him why he did that and i-clarify niya yun. Because I can’t think of any good reason for someone in a relationship to do that. And brace yourself for the answer. They’re over. Gone. Exes. Ikaw na ang girlfriend. What the heck was he thinking, doing that?? Just don’t bombard him with too much questions like ‘MAY KAILANGAN PA BA AKONG MALAMAN?’ or ‘BAKA NAMAN MADAMI KAMING MAY ‘HAPPY ANNIVERSARY’ WITH YOU?’. Be kind, be nice, be gentle.

3. Tell him how you feel about what he did. Hindi sa wala kang tiwala sa kanya, but that thing is just…I dunno…kinda unacceptable, because it steps out of the bounds of couple-hood (I’m pretty sure the English language is ashamed of me now). Just say that you feel hurt because you’re a couple, and what he did seemed improper for someone who is in a relationship. Like, halimbawa, paano kung ikaw yung may ganun, may ex or friend na opposite sex, tapos sasabihan mo ng “Happy Anniversary”, would he feel okay? He’d doubt too, right? A normal person would. I just can’t fathom why he did that. And of all people, his ex. Any normal girlfriend would feel at least a bit jealous.

4. Talk things out. I-discuss niyo ‘tong mga bagay na ‘to. Tell him if you want him to stop this dangerous game with old flames. I dunno about you, but if he’s a loving boyfriend and knows that his girlfriend gets hurt by stuff like these (real hurt, I’m quite sure, and not just some irrational jealousy without reason), he’d stop. Also, like I said earlier, mag-set kayo ng limits sa isa’t isa, para wala nang mangyari na ikagugulat niyo pareho.

I’m kinda taking your side (mostly because I could not find a rational reason as to why you would send your ex an anniversary greeting when you have a girlfriend already), but a relationship is an opportunity to show God’s love, so you have to work things out, don’t just throw things away. You loved that guy for a reason, remember that. Forgive, trust, have faith, love, love, love, love, and love some more. :D

Anonymous :  Anong gagawin mo kung yung boyfriend mo, may communication pa pala sa ex nya? Still greeting each other 'happy anniversary' ganun ganun. :( </3 Huhu.

Warning: Nobela ito. Nobelang mahaba at punong-puno ng feelings.

That’s so freaking sick. Even if they were joking.
Break na hahaha. Kidding :)))


Una sa lahat, confirmed na ba? Make sure muna. Give him the benefit of the doubt kung chismis lang yan. Tanungin mo muna siya nicely kung totoo ba yan. If confirmed, then go, confront na. Kung hindi totoo, then trust him, lalo na kung wala naman siyang ginagawa na nakakapagduda sayo. Kung meron siyang ginagawa na nakakapanghinala (yung totoo ah, as in may proof, as in halimbawa dalawang linggo kang hindi kinakausap, pero may kausap na iba sa Facebook timeline or something, hindi yung OA na feel mo lang may kalokohan pero wala naman talaga at mapagmahal at maalaga naman siya sayo at kasama ka niya 22 hours a day), pero sabi niya hindi totoo, then investigate muna.

(Kung confirmed) Second, paano mo nalaman yan? Guys absolutely when their girls spy around too much. Be honest and tell him how you knew it. (But If you were spying around because he’s too overly protective of his phone and he brings it even to the CR and his accounts are full of flirtatious interactions from girls, then you do have something to be jealous about.)

Third point, don’t nag. That’s the number one thing guys hate the most. Just break it to him gently. Don’t be someone who says “HOY IKAW WALANG HIYA KANG LALAKI KA NAKITA KO KAYO NG EX MO AJSJDSJFD!!!!” Be kind. Always be kind. Even if it hurts.

Fourth, ask him why exactly does he do that and then tell him how you feel about it. Tell him that it’s weird because #1 ex niya yun. May feelings na pwedeng ma-rekindle sa ganoong klaseng interaction. Well, heck, for me, even if it was anybody else, it doesn’t look proper for a taken man to have anniversaries with a single opposite-sex entity (other than his male best friend or his group of friends or his org-mates and blockmates), so please tell him to stop that. Kahit pa joke-joke lang nila yun, even if they broke up in a mutual and nice fairy-tale-like way and best friends sila and no malice talaga, it’s still improper. I dunno. Alam ko na kapag couple, hindi dapat umiikot ang mundo niyo sa isa’t isa lang, meron kayong family, meron kayong school/work, madami kayong ibang friends, mutual man or not, pero para sa akin, nakakasakit ng damdamin na ikaw yung girlfriend tapos may ka-anniversary na iba. It’s just not right. I don’t know, that’s how I feel. Kahit sabihin mo pang 10,000 years na silang mag-bestfriend at sabihin nilang lahat na ang kontrabida mo or antagonist ka, wala eh, ikaw yung girlfriend. Pwede pa rin naman silang maging friends. They could call each other ‘ex’ or their nicknames for each other and hang out and go to malls or something, but special ka dapat sa ibang mga babae niya. Kumbaga, ang pag-ibig niya sayo kakaiba (romantic, eros, whatever) sa pag-ibig niya sa mga kaibigan niya (brotherly/sisterly, phileo), and there are things (for me) na dapat restricted lang sa romantic relationships when it comes to the opposite sex, like anniversary greetings. Just my opinion, don’t hate me. Pero kung ‘di ka naman nasasaktan kung keribels lang at confident kang sayo siya and stuff like that, at mukhang friends lang naman talaga sila, then why not coconut. Let them play their games until they’re tired. Befriend the ex, if you can. Sakyan mo yung joke. But don’t go too far. Walk the fine line carefully. Ikaw pa rin ang girlfriend. Best friend siya. Not that you’re better or worse than the other, pero dapat mas mataas yung level mo sa kanya. In my opinion. If may nangyari na kahina-hinala talaga (yung totoo ulit, ha) at medyo nasasaktan ka na, then confront him again and ask him to stop and consider if his actions make you feel bad (justifiably).

(If you asked him to stop) Fifth, kung tumigil siya, then okay, cool. At least alam mong special ka at priority ka at kino-consider niya if his actions hurt you or not. Kung hindi, konsensiyahin mo siya na nasasaktan ka (hahaha) at medyo improper kasi tignan yung ginagawa niya. Just let him think of his actions. Baka ma-open siya sa sarili niyang feelings at sa mga totoong dahilan kung bakit niya ginagawa yun. Baka ginagawa niya yun para gumanti kay ex at pasakayin si ex at pa-in-love-in ulit para masaktan ito (which you should stop) or baka in-love pa siya kay ex at rebound ka lang or baka ‘di ka pa niya ganun kamahal (both of which would hurt but at least you’d know the truth). Pero ‘wag mo naman siyang papiliin (tipong DotA o ako hahaha) between the two of you, lalo na kung best friend niya pala yun for 10,000 years. ‘Wag masyadong clingy hahaha. Both of you can be part of his life at the same time. Mag-usap kayong dalawa and mag-set ng proper boundaries at mag-compromise, para next time wala na siyang gagawin na hindi niya pala alam na nakakasakit/improper na para sayo, and vice versa.

Sixth, ask him kung may ginagawa ka that makes him feel the same way. It takes two to tango. Malay mo ginagantihan ka niya for something you did (which is bad but some people in relationships do that) or maybe you’re pointing your index finger at him but you don’t realize that three fingers point back at you (you get the point ahahha).

Seven, forgive and trust and communicate and have faith and love and love and love and love more. Yun lang.

Well, everything’s up to you. Opinion ko lang ito. Some people may find my opinion wrong or full of inconsistencies or whatever. Some people may find it too suffocating or something like that. You can still do whatever the heck you want. Just pray, and God will reveal what you need to do. I pray for your relationship to be good and for you to be a blessing to each other and for both of you to be a blessing to others. <3

Kinda looks like my sis O_O


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This is beautiful! Where is this??? God is a wonderful creator!!!


Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy


Untitled by Monica Galvan

Beautiful :)


To You Alone - Reuben Morgan (Hillsong) [ 2003 ]

From the album “For All You’ve Done” by Hillsong Live

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Alex Turner’s love letter to Alexa Chung: "My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it. The idea that you may kiss it again is stuck in my brain, which hasn’t stopped thinking about you since well before any kiss."

Awwe. <3

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